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SOP will produce, record, mix, and master any song or album for singers, songwritters, bands, artists and many other misc recording projects. 



Recording, Sound Layering, Producing, Mixing, Mastering.


Complete Album for artist/band complete with recording sessions, mix/master available for quote after free consultation.



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Talent available for custom quote on request:
Backing vocals, Pianist (Jazz focus), Pianist (classically trained), Pianist (children music), Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drum kit, percussionist.


Recording Packages

Kids Packages:
      From the time our children are born we take pictures, videos, make scrap books, and store any memories we can as they grow. By the time my daughter was two years old, she loved to sing constantly. Her favorite was "Wheels on the Bus”.  Her voice was so cute, I wanted to make sure I had a recording of it. I created these packages specifically for children and teenagers, making it very reasonable to have a professional copy of your child's voice and musical talent. I create an environment that is fun, fosters creativity, and gives your child a new experience.  After just one session, you can have copies to give as gifts for family and friends.  Book a session today!
Ages 3-6
        This is a memory you will be glad to have later.   For this age we offer simple songs like “Twinkle, Twinkle”, “Old MacDonald”, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, and many other simple songs your child may already be singing around the house.  We don’t necessarily need music tracked behind them.  At this age it can be difficult for a child to follow along to music. Acapella can be just as much fun! As another option, we offer a background pianist that plays along during the session for an additional fee. 
       In addition, we can provide Bible songs on a split track for your child to sing along with! This helps with your child's confidence to sing. We will take the voices out of the recording they are singing along to. We do everything we can to make the session fun so your child is comfortable and has a fun experience. But we are not looking for perfection. In fact, when they mess up its very cute and we are sure to capture all of it! You will get a kick out of your little rock star's recording.   Book a session today and receive memories for a lifetime!
Session Package A:  $50 
— Includes 15 minutes of song selection and setup, and up to 45 min recording session or two songs, whichever comes first.   
—Pictures during the recording
— Backup accompaniment track options
Optional:  children's pianist to play live piano during the session—$25
Session Package B:  $150 
—Two hour recording session
—5 Song EP
—Video of session
—Pictures during session
—Album Cover Picture in front of green screen for CD Cover Art
—(1) USB Drive with Videos, pictures and music, (4) CDs, digital download.  Extra copies $5 Each.  Great Christmas and birthday gifts for Grandparents, relatives and friends.
Optional:  childrens pianist to play live piano during the session—$50
—Over 200 Bible and worship songs or Nursery Rhymes to choose from with split track.  Your child will sing along with other childrens voices to help support singing.  The voices are then removed so that all you hear is your childs voice in the recording as if they remembered all of the lyrics.
—Bring your own songs that your child sings now. Acappella singing is sometimes the best outcome for a song.
—During the recording session we will be recording catching any “cute” or “funny” sayings your child will say.  We love to edit this and put between the songs so your CD is enjoyable to listen to not only for music but preserving a time in your childs life.
Ages 7-12
This is a great age for kiddos that have started to work on an instrument.  Does your child take lessons for an instrument? If so you don’t want to miss recording their creativity to have a memory for a lifetime. We provide a weighted 88 key keyboard if your child plays piano, otherwise we will record your child playing their instrument or acapella.   Book your session today! 
Session Package:  $75
—Includes recording (1) track* up to one hour
—Up to 4 layers (main vocal, second vocal, harmony vocal, backing vocal, instruments)
—Mix/master final recording (gives your recording a professional polish!)
—Post of downloadable song on SoundCloud
*Includes recording your child's guitar, piano or other instrument.  
*Backing track to preselected song selected and approved ahead of time.  Not all tracks are available with an instrumental track.   Backing track itself may need to be purchased, if so cost will be quoted ahead and added to cost of session.  
Ages 14 on up
Your child has worked hard with his/her instrument or voice and we want to capture it. This is a great age for teenagers or young adults to record their originals, covers, or any instrument they have practiced over the years. For anyone wanting to capture their work of art this is a great package to get started. During the session we will make it fun to create, find ways to accentuate the track through creative vocal backing, or adding a layer of strings, etc.   The artist will gain a new appreciation for music production and the process is fun! Call today to book your session!
Session Package:  $100
—Includes up to 2 hours of recording session time with up to 8 layers of any combination of vocals and instruments    
—Up to 8 layers (main vocal, layered main vocal, harmony vocal, backing vocal, instruments)
—1 hour of mixing/mastering
—Post of downloadable song on Soundcloud 
At this time, Sound Origin Productions is a home based business with all the tools big production companies offer. Located in the basement of my home you will find the "beat lab" where all the production magic happens! The room is small but mighty, allowing recording sessions for up to 3 to 4 artists at a time.   There is a comfortable area outside the room to wait, watch a video as the session is happening with snacks and drinks.   Because of the nature of recording, all the layers can be tracked from any location.   In the event of the need to track live drums or full band we have alternate locations for this.  When you are here in the lab its...
"make yourself at home, be comfortable and enjoy the process of creating music."
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